How Important Are Cell Phone Warranties?


How Important Are Cell Phone Warranties?

A cell phone warranty is a guarantee that you are covered in the event that something goes wrong with your handset. Warranties tend to cover technical issues that are out of your control. This includes defects as a result of the manufacturing process or a defect or malfunction in the hardware (e.g if the phone has a faulty part).

Warranties don’t usually cover things such as accidental damage (e.g dropping your phone down the toilet or getting a cracked screen). They won't protect you in the event that your cell phone gets stolen, either. For that, you would likely need to consider cell phone insurance.

However, if your phone is affected by technical issues, the firm that sold or gave you the warranty will offer you a replacement phone (either a working version of the phone you paid for or another, equivalently priced model) or your money back.

If you’re considering getting a cell phone warranty or just want to know more about them: read on to find answers to your questions.

How to Get a Cell Phone Warranty

Cell phone warranties are typically included with your purchase of a phone and that includes both brand new phones and refurbished phones. RefurbMe’s refurbished iPhone SE deals include warranties, for example, with every refurbished device listed by the price comparison site offering warranty coverage for at least 30 days. So, if you aren’t satisfied with the SE’s performance, including its 12MP camera, its advanced processors, or its 4-inch display, the warranty will back you up. And this includes both first and third-party refurbished retailers. The warranties included with both refurbished and brand new devices tend to be limited warranties that offer coverage for technical issues. Though, it’s important to note that not all phones will come with a warranty and not all retailers will offer them, either. This makes it important to shop around and consider different warranty deals, comparing them by price as well as the length of the warranty.

What Are the Lengths of Warranties?

Speaking of warranty lengths, it’s also important to recognize that retailers offer lots of different warranty lengths. Warranty lengths are bound to vary from retailer to retailer. This includes retailers selling brand new phones, refurbished phones, and phones sold as seller refurbished or manufacturer refurbished. The length of the warranty will depend on the company or individual as they may only be as long as 30-days or they could be as long as a year. There are also options to extend the warranty for a fee. Generally, whether a retailer includes a warranty or not is a sign of their trustworthiness and the confidence that they have in their products.

Are Cell Phone Warranties Important?

Are Cell Phone Warranties Important?

Because not all cell phones come with warranties and because it may cost money to extend the warranty, you probably find yourself wondering whether a cell phone warranty is important.

If you’re someone who likes high-end phones then yes, warranties should be important to you. The price of premium phones is increasing, with a recent report from GfK (Q3 2017) revealing that the average phone price is up by seven percentage points on an annual basis. This reflects the biggest jump ever recorded by the analysis firm. CNET also estimates that this will increase even more in the future. Unless you want all of that money to go down the pan should your phone get a technical fault, it’s good to protect you and your pricey purchase with a warranty.

You’ll also want to be confident about your new purchase. Refurbished phones have been tested and are in working order but you still want to have added back-up. Likewise, brand new, newly released phones with new features can sometimes go wrong too, especially if they’re especially innovative. So do your research before buying and get the best warranty deal.

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