Uber Lite for Android now available, only 5MB in size

Uber Lite for Android now available, only 5MB in size

India is one of Uber's largest markets, and with the popularity of low-end Android smartphones in the region, Uber is eager to make their ride sharing service available to as many users as possible. Their first step towards achieving this is with the introduction of Uber Lite for Android.

Unlike the regular Uber app, which is 180MB in size, Uber Lite is just 5MB and designed specifically to work on devices with low amounts of processing power that utilize 2G networks and offer low amounts of processing power.

Uber Lite removes all the visual features, leaving only the basic functionality customers need. The vehicle animations and default maps have been replaced with a simple UI offering a text box for your destination. Once the destination is selected, users can choose between a variety of vehicles such as Moto, UberGo, Premier, and UberXL, which are displayed alongside their respective ride fee estimates. For those with slightly stronger devices, they can always activate maps from the app's settings.

Uber has various plans for improving the app, including local language support, a new progress bar that informs users of how far away their Uber is, and a new option that will allow people to book rides even when offline.

Uber Lite for Android will initially rollout in India, and the company has plans to launch it in other emerging markets later in the year.

Download from the Google Play Store
Price Free
Requirements Android

source - Uber

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