Google Home receives improvements

Google on Thursday, announced that their smart speakers and smart assistant can control over 5,000 devices from every major brand. This is a big leap from the 1,500 supported devices Google had at the start.

Along with added support for smart lights and voice controlled thermostats, Google has introduced some interesting new wats to control your smart home with Google Home.

Controlling your TV with your voice

If you already own a Chromecast or Android TV, this isn't something new for your. But for the rest, Google is adding support for DISH Hopper set-top boxes to Home. You will now be able to change the channel by saying "Hey Google, play CNN on the Hopper."

Google is also making it easier to control your Logitech Harmony setup with its Assistant. Just saying "Hey Google, play channel 1" will get you started, without having to say "talk to Logitech."

Check who's at the door with your phone

For those who own a Nest Hello doorbell, you can receive an alert from your Google Assistant whenever someone rings your doorbell. From your alert, you can go to live camera view. While the integration is still limited to the Google owned Nest products, the company promises support for other models later this year.

Cheaper Smart lights

Swapping your regular light bulbs for smart lights can be an expensive task. Thankfully, Google Home now supports one of the cheapest options in the market - the Tr√•dfri smart bulbs from IKEA.

source - Google

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