Mozilla Firefox 36 now available for download

Mozilla Firefox 30Mozilla has released the final version of Firefox version 36.0 for desktops along with Firefox for Android version 36.0. The new version brings the ability for users to sync tiles that have been pinned on the New Tab page across their devices through Firefox Sync. Meanwhile Firefox for Android will gain a new, tablet optimized user interface which is useful for larger screened devices, giving them a more desktop like feel.

Another new feature with this release is support for the full HTTP/2 protocol, which promises a faster, better scalable and more responsive web. As the name implies, it’s the second major version of the HTTP network protocol used to serve pages over the web, and is designed to eventually replace the current protocol (HTTP 1.1), which has been in existence since 1999.

Mozilla is also releasing several other bug fixes, security tweaks and performance improvements to their web browser. In fact Mozilla claims to have patched 16 security vulnerabilities in Firefox, including three critical flaws on the browser.

As part of the security improvements, the –remote command line switch has been removed, while the program has started phasing out support for root certificates with 1024-bit RSA keys. This move forces websites to implement 2048-bit keys or better in order to be signed as trusted.

Two other notable changes include the program invoking the crash reporter to inform the user of a crash during shutdown, as well as a number of updates that may adversely affect add-on compatibility.

The update also widens support for HTML5 elements and provides a number of minor developer tweaks. Among fixed issues includes one that saw users unexpectedly logged out from Facebook or Google after restarting Firefox.

You can download Firefox for the platform of your choice using the following links

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