T-Mobile introduces SCORE!

T-MobileSCORE! is a new program offered by T-Mobile to customers who don't qualify for the carrier's JUMP! program. Those who have paid the full retail price for their phone, or who have a prepaid or postpaid account without EIP, can subscribe to SCORE!. The program is also open to T-Mobile customers who bring their own phone.

The cost of the plan is $5 per month and after 6 months, you can get an entry-level 4G phone, like the Alcatel OneTouch Evolve 2, for free. That phone normally carries a full retail price of $79.20.

If you use the program for 12 months, you can receive discounts on every phone, including high-end 4G LTE models. Some of the 12 month deals include the T-Mobile Concord II (retail price $150), LG Optimus L90 (retail price $168, $198 for pre-paid) or the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2 (retail price $126, pre-paid $156) which you can get for free.

Customer Type Full-price Devices, BYOD, Prepaid, Postpaid without EIP Products purchased on EIP
Qualifying Plans Simply Prepaid, SCNC, Simple Choice Pay in Advance Monthly, Simple Choice, New Classic and Legacy customers Postpaid with EIP
Upgrade limits? SCORE! features can only be redeemed after 6 months' tenure. Tenure resets after each use.
  • 6 months: Free entry level smartphone
  • 12 months: Special handset pricing on all additional devices
JUMP2 customer have no upgrade limits, as long as 50% of the original purchase of their current device has been paid:Legacy JUMP customers can update 2 times per year, after a 6 month wait. (This is no longer available for sale)
Includes SCORE! special handset pricing Trade-in credit, PHP, Mobile Security with Lockout
Trade-in required? No Yes
MRC $5/line $10/line
Qualifying event No Yes

You can also take advantage of the discounts offered on phones like the 32GB Google Nexus 6, priced at $499 (retail price $649.99); Samsung Galaxy S5, priced at $510 (retail price $609.60) and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, priced at $599 (retail price $749.76). Once you take advantage of SCORE!, whether it is after 6 months or 12 months, your clock resets and starts from zero.

T-Mobile's SCORE! debuts today, and you can sign up for the plan at T-Mobile's online store (www.t-mobile.com) or at the carrier's physical locations.

source: T-Mobile

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