Facebook for BlackBerry 10 updated

An updated version of Facebook for BlackBerry 10 has been released on BlackBerry World. This is the same version of the social networking client which has been available as a beta in the BlackBerry Beta Zone since last month.

Amoung the new features is the abilty to add a photo as a comment on a post. Posts with multiple pictures can be viewed as a collage. Photos and stickers can be viewed in the comments section, and the update will allow you to view additional story types. Lastly, with the update you will be able to easily access the publisher bar at the bottom of the screen.

You can download the update directly on your device through BlackBerry World or by using the following link:

Download Download from BlackBerry World
Price Free
Requirements BB 10.0.0 or higher

The version of Facebook for BlackBerry will differ based on the BlackBerry 10 device you own, but you should notice most of the new features across all the BlackBerry 10 devices.

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