What if Nokia had used Android instead of Windows Phone for its smartphones

Stephen Elop and Steve Ballmer

In an interview with BBC (from February 2011) Nokia's then CEO Stephen  Elop and Microsoft's former CEO Steve Ballmer, we heard Elop admit that Nokia "spent time with colleagues at Google" to explore the Android ecosystem, while also checking out what Windows Phone had to offer. Here's what some of the popular Lumia smartphones may have looked like if Nokia had chosen to go with Android instead of Windows Phone.

Mr. Elop admitted that Nokia chose not to use Android, as it would have had difficulties "differentiating within that ecosystem". Nokia went on to choose Windows Phone as a replacement for Symbian, scrapping their plans an efforts on the Meego platform in the process. The company hopes that together with Microsoft, it would create smartphones that can stand out from the crowd.

Following the success of their affordable Nokia Lumia 520, the company once again attempted to enter the Android market with their Nokia X series which ran a forked version of Android, customized with Microsoft's apps and services. Unfortunately they were too late to the game, and the lack of a Google app ecosystem didnt allow the Nokia X devices to thrive.

In April this year, Microsoft purchased Nokia's devices and services unit, and the former phone giant is no loger involved in the phone making business.

source - PhoneArena

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