Nokia Store will be replaced with Opera Mobile Store on certain Nokia devices

Opera Mobile Store
Since Microsoft purchased Nokia's Devices and Services division earlier this year, they have been removing Nokia's branding, from all the product lines that they now own. As part of this transition, Microsoft has come to an agreement with Opera, to replace the Nokia Store on some of its Nokia devices with the Opera Mobile Store.

While the Windows Phone family get their apps through the Windows Store, those who own Nokia feature phones, Nokia Symbian handsets, and the Nokia X devices will soon have to access their apps through the Opera curated store.

The change will take place starting in the first quarter of 2015, when those with affected Nokia handsets will be redirected to the Opera Mobile Store where they will be given a chance to open an account with Opera. The migration from the Nokia Store to the Opera Mobile Store should be completed sometime in the first half of the year. Once that occurs, the Nokia Store will be shuttered.

The Opera Mobile Store currently features 300,000 apps and games, and handles millions of downloads daily. Once the Nokia Store closes and the migration is complete, the Opera Mobile Store will be the third largest app store globally, in terms of downloads. The store supports over 7500 devices, ranging from feature phones to smartphones.

source - GSMArena

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