Microsoft starts rolling out Skype for Web beta

SkypeOn November 14, Microsoft announced Skype for Web, which aims to allow users to communicate using Skype without having to download the app. Now the company has started rolling out the beta version of Skype for Web that will run on most modern web browsers.

The new version will work on Windows with IE 10 or above, the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox and on a Mac with Safari 6 or above. Users will eventually be able to access Skype for Web by visiting 

Currently, users need to install a small plug-in in order to start a Skype conversation, but in the future, once Microsoft implements Web RTC (Real-Time Communications), no downloads or installs at all will be needed.

Microsoft starts rolling out Skype for Web beta

Because of the requirement of the plugin Skype for Web currently won't work on Chrome OS. Those will devices like the Chromebook can still use Skype for Web for IM, but the voice and video features wont be supported until the Web RTC version is released.

According to a Skype blog post about the new beta, there are currently some battery-consumption issues with Skype for Web on a Mac, along with a delayed ring for outgoing calls. These are to be expected with beta releases, and should hopefully be resolved as the service matures.

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