Apple releases tool to help remove your phone number from iMessage

Apple iMessage Deregister

Apple first introduced iMessage with iOS 5.0 in mid-2011, allowing users a new way to communicate with one another without relying on traditional text messages. The platform includes delivery and read receipts, support for Mac OS X and iPad and more.

Unfortunately, users have complained that switching from iOS and iMessage to a different mobile platform can cause them to lose the ability to receive text messages because they're unable to disassociate their phone number with iMessage. They then had to wait 30 days or more for Apple's system to disassociate their phone number. Thankfully, Apple has finally addressed this problem.

Apple now offers an online tool, which allows users to easily remove the association for their phone number with Apple's iMessage system. All that you have to do is enter your phone number on Apple's website and then enter the 6-digit confirmation code that the Cupertino firm sends you in a text message.

Apple iMessage Deregister tool

Apple has tried to help iOS users disconnect their phone number from iMessage in the past, but typically it required them to deregister their account from their Apple devices and have their friends delete any previous text message conversations from their phones. This new method is much, much simpler. While it may not be a tool that every person uses all of the time, it'll certainly make life easier for folks if they do decide to to switch from the iOS platform.

source - Apple | The Verge | Reddit

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