Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus with Snapdragon 805 revealed on company's website

Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus

Samsung has listed a new device called the Galaxy S5 Plus on its Netherlands website. The handset is nearly identical to the regular Samsung Galaxy S5, but has the distinct advantage of a faster Snapdragon 805 processor under its hood.

A similar handset was released a few months ago as the Samsung Galaxy S5 4G+ for Singapore with the Snapdragon 805 processor on board.. Samsung also has a separate handset named the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A which has the same processor but also includes a Quad-HD (1440 x 2560 pixel) display, but the Galaxy S5 4G+ has the same 1080p HD display found on the original flagship.

While we would have prefered to have the Galaxy S5 Plus feature the same Quad-HD display, it looks like we will have to be satisfied with the faster processor for now. Interestingly the newly launched Galaxy S5 Plus even bares the same G901F model name as the Galaxy S5 4G+ which was launched in Singapore.

With so many Galaxy S5 variants in the market, Samsung will eventually confuse their customers who are looking to purchase a new handset. Lets hope the company have better plans in place next year when their launch their Galaxy S6.

source - Samsung (Netherlands) | SamMobile

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