Samsung demonstrates flexible, bendable, rollable battery

SamsungSamsung's entry to the InterBattery 2014 exhibition in Korea is the company's first bendable battery. This new battery which is developed by Samsung's energy solutions branch, Samsung SDI is a fully rollable, bendable battery which can be moved in any way you want.

The prototypes that were presented look more like rubber straws, than the flat slabs that we are used to seeing lately, and it is unclear whether this is out of structural necessity, or if they were shaped that way to use in Samsung's wearable devices.

Unfortunately the new tech is not ready for commercial production, as the bending still puts a strain on, and eventually damages, the battery cells. However, this is still a major step forward in battery tech and Samsung SDI claims that the flexible batteries will be ready for mass production within the next 3 years.

The researchers have managed to achieve this by playing around with the structural design and improving the quality of the used materials, and not by changing the way that the traditional Lithium Ion battery works.

It would be interesting to see the type of devices that built using these batteries. We reckon it will result in some interestingly shaped smartphones and some easy to carry portable chargers along with some longer lasting wearables. It would be equally interesting to find out what capacity the batteries would be able to carry and how long they would last in day to day use.

source - Tizen Indonesia (translated) | Gizmodo

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