T-Mobile UNCarrier 7.0 scheduled for September 10

It has been a little over two months since T-Mobile announced version 6.0 of its UNCarrier movement, which introduced Music Freedom. With Music Freedom, T-Mobile customers were able to stream music on certain apps without having it counted toward their data limit. Now the carrier is getting set to unveil its next milestone and they have scheduled an event for September 10.

This date happens a day after Apple is expected to unveil its new iPhone. While its not known if the event is related to Apple's announcement, it may be just another date to mark on a busy calendar for the tech world. Oddly, this announcement won't be taking place in any of the usual spaces or meeting halls. Rather, it will be held in the T-Mobile store on the corner of Market and 3rd Street, which is only about two blocks from the Moscone Center where Apple has traditionally held its events

The invite suggests that "This time it's personal", but there is no other clues on what we can expect. So we will have to wait and see what T-Mobile has planned for us with UNCarrier 7.0.

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