Microsoft updates downloaded Maps data for Windows Phone

One of the biggest advantages of owning a Windows Phone is having access to easy to use well built offline maps. These off-line maps get updated every now and then, and right now parts of the Southern U.S. (Georgia, Florida and Alabama) and Europe, can be updated to the latest information.

The comprehensive offline features on Maps for Windows Phone comes courtesy of Nokia and allows Windows Phone users to save their mobile data by pre-downloading maps onto their device ahead of their trips. The Microsoft built Maps for Windows Phone service uses Nokia's HERE navigation technology to provide a great navigation experience for all Windows Phone users.

You should get a notification to update your download maps as soon as you open Maps for Windows Phone. Alternately you can check by going to Settings, swiping to Applications and selection Maps. Here you will find an option to check for updates at the bottom of the screen.

Obviously downloaded maps data can take up valuable space on your device, so those with a microSD card slot should store their offline maps on your memory cards to save native storage space. Keep in mind that you won't be able to access your maps application when you are updating the offline data, so make sure that you run the update when you have the time to spare.

Microsoft updates Maps data for Windows Phone

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