VLC to receive Chromecast support on Desktop, iOS and Android

VLC for iOS and Android are set to receive Chromecast support in the near future. This was revealed by one of the developers behind VLC, Felix Paul K├╝hne, who stated that native streaming support for Chromecast is currently being implemented into the media player. 

At the moment, it's unclear when this long-awaited support will land on the mobile versions of the popular player, but it is speculated that VLC for iOS devices will be able to stream to Chromecast sometime in July.

The VLC for Android, which is still in beta, will eventually support the nifty Chromecast streaming ability, too. Oddly enough, this will only happen after its iOS counterpart gets it first. Yet again, the developer does not give a specific release date and it is unknown exactly when Chromecast streaming will land on the Android version of VLC.

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Requirements Android 2.1 or greater iOS 6.1 or greater

source - VLC | AndroidPolice

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