Virgin Mobile offers new $20 plan starting today through Walmart; customers can choose unlimited calls or text

Virgin Mobile
Starting today, Virgin Mobile will offer a new $20 monthly payLo plan through Walmart. Customers who choose this plan will have to decide whether they primarily use their device for calling or texting.  If you choose calling, you can customize your plan with unlimited calls (and fifty monthly texts) or unlimited texts (and fifty monthly calls)

The plan is available only for those with the feature phone ($31.99), or the even more basic Kyocera Kona ($15.99). You can still connect to the internet if you need, but it will cost you an additional $1.50 per MB. This is quite expensive, so you would likely want to hold off on going online unless it is a real emergency. 

If you're looking for a simple, basic plan for either making/taking calls or for texting, the $20 payLo plan will get the job done. Add an additional $10 a month and you can get 1500 minutes of voice, 1500 texts and 30MB of data. Go to $40 a month and you're getting unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 50MB of data. MMS messages are 25 cents each.

source - Virgin Mobile | PhoneArena

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