Samsung Galaxy Note 3 receives update with Download Booster and KNOX 2

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is now receiving a software update which brings new features previously exclusive to the Galaxy S5. One of those features is KNOX 2.0, Samsung's secure enterprise mobile platform and the other is Download Booster, which boosts the download speeds on your device.

The update is already rolling out in select markets like the UK (as always, it’s a gradual roll-out, so you might need to wait a few weeks until it arrives to your region), and it’s available for the Snapdragon 800-powered Note 3 version.

Samsung KNOX allows companies to better handle users (BYOD) bringing their own devices to work. KNOX is basically a platform that strengthens your phone’s security on all levels - from all the way down in the kernel to the apps. With a secure device, companies can save money purchasing separate work phones (and tablets) for employees, and instead allow them to use their personal phone, but securely, without leaking sensitive company data.

The Download Booster feature allows users to download files quicker by combining the power of their cellular (4G LTE in the Note 3) connectivity with their Wi-Fi connection. This maximum speed will be of particular value for large files that you need to download in a rush.

The update is being pushed OTA (over-the-air) and is reportedly around 185MB in size. Make sure you are connected to your Wi-Fi network if you want to avoid data charges and make sure that your battery is fully charged before you install the update.

source - GSMArena

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