Native folder support maybe coming to Windows Phone 8.1 Start Screen

Windows Phone 8.1 Start Screen folders
You may soon be able to create folders on your Windows Phone 8.1 Start Screen which can store multiple Live Tiles. Microsoft may allow users to drag and drop tiles into a Start Screen folder, much like the functionality currently available on Android and iOS.

This function was revealed on a support article on the Windows Phone website (currently taken down) which revealed that the company is planning to introduce native folders support for apps on the Start Screen to help you keep your startscreen organized. Folders can be moved and resized, just like Tiles, but we are curious to see how the Live Tile functionality will be implemented on these folders.

Windows Phone 8.1 Start Screen folders

The instructions suggest that this feature will require Windows Phone 8.1 to be installed on your device, so it will likely be released after the Windows Phone 8.1 as a GDR update.

source - Microsoft

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