Microsoft announces Internet Explorer Developer Channel

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Following in the footsteps of Google's Chrome browser, Microsoft has announced a Developer Version of Internet Explorer. This version will give users the the latest bleeding-edge features on Microsoft's web browser. The Internet Explorer Developer Channel will offer numerous updates to the F12 developer tools, allowing those coding for the web to test their apps and services on the latest versions of Internet Explorer ahead of its release to the public.

The Internet Explorer Developer Channel will offer some visual tweaks here and there, but what's really important are the new developer tools. Console errors now get indicators on the icon bar, the F6 frame navigation tool has enhanced navigation tools, and CTRL + [ and CTRL + ] will let you go back and forward with the tools. You can even quickly access Document Mode from a drop-down menu at the top.

Console in Internet Explorer Developer Channel has also been improved, with time stamps, message clearing, more accurate autocomplete suggestions, and better cross-browser development behavior.

The DOM Explorer (the inspector that allows users to view the HTML and CSS that makes a website) has been improved with change bars in the computer styles pane. Users of the debugger will find they can now specify source maps, select multiple breakpoints, and set event breakpoints and tracepoints to be triggered by a specific event and not just code execution.

There are plenty of other changes for this first release of the Internet Explorer Developer Channel, and it's getting progressively further and further over our heads. This is not meant for the general user - dev channels are where companies test out new features, but they're not necessarily complete or even something that will see a public release.

Additionally you can install the Internet Explorer Developer Channel right alongside the production release of Internet Explorer so you can continue to enjoy a normal web browsing experience. Microsoft is promising that this is the first of many releases for the dev channel, and they are posting their roadmap for new features publicly.

source - Microsoft (download)

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