Google announces Android Wear at I/O 2014

Google I/O 2014 gave us the first glimpse of the next version of Android, Google's advancements in integrating its software into cars with Android Auto, the Android One initiative and a preview of Android Wear.

Android Wear is Google's platform built for smartwatches and other wearable gadgets. It was shown off on an LG G Watch and on a Motorola Moto 360. One peculiar feature shown off on the G Watch is that the screen is made to stay on constantly, but it won't light up until the user looks at it, as detected by the watch's sensors. 

Once on, Android Wear displays information it finds important and relevant, depending on the time of the day, the user's location, and a number of other factors. Notifications are synced with the user's phone, will be displayed at a glance, and will be dismissed on both the smartphone and smartwatch simultaneously.

Android Wear is designed to be simple, yet beautiful, following Google's new Material Design language. Cards float and move smoothly above a textured background and can be dismissed with a simple swipe to the side. Various types of clock faces come pre-loaded, including digital and analog ones, as well as some more extravagant and geeky solutions. The platform is compatible with both circular and square screen form factors, allowing manufacturers to be versatile with their designs.

Functionally, Android Wear can do more than just sync notifications between a smartwatch and a smartphone. It lets you search the web, set alarms and reminders, shoot text messages, and basically anything that Google Now can be used for simply by using your voice. Incoming calls can be rejected, picked up, or replied to with an text message. Naturally, fitness applications can be developed for Android Wear, allowing a smartwatch to double as a fitness device counting one's steps, measuring their heart-rate, and so on. Additionally if you ever want to mute your Android Wear smartwatch, a swipe down is enough to do that.

Besides the LG G Watch and the Moto 360 smartwatches, Samsung is also offering its own Samsung Gear Live. Further wearables powered by Google's new software are expected to follow suit.

source - Google

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