LG Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones will be released on May 18 in the US

During the CES expo in January, LG announced its first lineup of fitness wearables - the Lifeband Touch wrist-band, and the Heart Rate Earphones. They connect wirelessly to each other, and to Android & iOS smartphones running wellness apps, such as LG's own LG Fitness, or MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper, and MapMyFitness.

Well, these two will be available in the US as soon as this Sunday, May 18th, says LG, though pricing is still to follow. The Lifeband Touch, as indicated by its name, boasts a 0.9" touch OLED display to show time, biometric data, notifications, and music controls for your smartphone. The built-in accelerometer and altimeter measure distance, speed, number of steps taken, calories consumed and other stats. The screen automatically turns on and off when you rotate your wrist, thanks to an inbuilt motion sensing algorithm. According to LG, the wristband is "lightweight and simple to use," and there are three sizes available - M, L, and XL - with slightly different weights and band lengths.

The LG Heart Rate Earphones wield a different kind of magic. They feature PerformTek sensor technology which measures the blood flow into the external part of your ear. From this, the earphones derive your heart rate and maximal oxygen consumption. LG has employed a "flexible ear piece design" to make the buds comfortable, and a clip-on Bluetooth "medallion" handles data between the earphones, your smartphone, and Lifeband Touch. LG doesn't specify the play time with the supplied 200 mAh battery of the Heart Rate Earphones, but for the Lifeband Touch it cites up to five days between charges out of the 90 mAh battery, which is pretty good, and can be a veritable alternative to the current smartwatch crop.

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