LG G3 teaser videos gives us a glimpse of what to expect


As you may know by now, LG has scheduled an event for May 27, when the company is expected to unveil a brand new flagship to the world - the LG G3. There is very little known about this device aside from various leaks and rumors claiming to show the new flagship. Now LG themselves have released three teaser videos giving us a glimpse of what the LG G3 will offer

While all of the text in the videos is in Korean, the language barrier won't limit you from catching a few interesting aspects about the LG G3. For example, the first video looks at the design, where LG gives us a clear-as-day view of the G3 itself. While pictures of the flagship have been circulating online, it's always better when it comes from the official source. Meanwhile the second video confirms the Quad HD display and the 2560 by 1440 pixel resolution, while the last video talk about the enhancements LG has made to teh camera.

What about that May 28 date? Isn't LG’s launch event on May 27? It certainly is, and while LG’s doing its best to coordinate a global G3 launch, the reality of time zones means that not everyone gets it at the same time; while we’ll see the phone arrive on May 27, South Korea and other markets in Asia will have their G3 events fall on May 28, instead.

source - LG (YouTube) | Android Central

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