Skype group video calls now free across Windows, Mac and Xbox One

Microsoft has announced on Monday that Skype group video calls are now free across PC, Mac and Xbox One. Previously, the feature required a Skype Premium subscription, which started at $2.99 per month. Unfortunately this offer is not extended to other mobile platforms - like Android or iOS.

Google’s Hangouts service has long offered group video chats for free and offers features like group chats, current not available to Skype (or Windows Phone) users. Skype said that it will start to add support “for all our users across more platforms,” in the future, but didn't say when it will make the move to mobile.

Its important for Microsoft to try and stay ahead of its competition with Skype instead of play catch up. It Skype users continue to switch to competing products like Google Hangouts, it will eventually become too late for Microsoft to win them back.

source - Skype

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