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As the launch of the OnePlus One gets closer, more and more information on the device has made its way out. We know that the CyanogenMod based handset will be released in the US, Canada and UK among other countries and will be priced at under $400 ( €350 / £290 ) starting April 23. Now, we're getting a bit more info on how you will be able to purchase the Android device when it is released next week.

It looks like the manufacturers are expecting quite some heavy demand for their smartphone as it will be sold on an invite-only basis. OnePlus made the announcement today on its blog. It explained that the idea was to avoid the bad customer experiences that surround various ways of purchasing a "popular smartphone". That may sound a bit presumptuous from a company that has never released a device before, and is starting out with a decidedly niche device that will only appeal to power users and the tech elite. But, the One has been generating quite a buzz, and any device with the combination of specs and price tag that are coming with the One will get the Android faithful excited. 

OnePlus will be offering up invites on launch day through its website, contests, and maybe even your friends. The plan is that when you get an invite and order your device, it will be sure to ship "within a few days". The troubling part of this plan is that OnePlus is saying that "in the beginning, [invites] be available in limited quantities". They will become easier to get as time goes on, but it definitely means that most of us shouldn't get hopes up of being able to buy a OnePlus One on launch day, April 23rd.

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