Google Calendar for Android redesign may come soon

Google Calendar for AndroidA new version of Google Calendar for Android has leaked, showing off a cleaner design which may be making its way to the next version of Android. The design is similar to the previously leaked screenshots, and could indicate the design strategy Google has in mind for future versions of Android. The new Calender app uses less color and fewer icons than the current version. It also reportedly features impressive animations and other effects. 

Alongside the new look, the updated Calendar app includes a Daily Agenda feature, which allows you to email the current day's schedule. Important parts of each day's appointments will be color-coded, and the update adds birthday reminders for the calendar view. Another section will list upcoming birthdays of your Google+ friends. Circles will now highlight each day of the month, which you can see for yourself in the screenshot found at the bottom of this page.

Google Calendar for Android redesign

It is unknown whether this is the final version of the update, but those who have used it have been impressed. We could gain access to the new Calendar app released as early as Google I/O 2014, which is scheduled for June.

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