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Win a Nokia X from Nokia by watching this video

Nokia X
One of the biggest complaints that customers have with Nokia Lumia phones is the lack of apps compared to iOS and Android. Nokia is hoping to change this with their Nokia X lineup, with runs a forked version of Android. Nokia has released a video listing some of the apps available for the Nokia X which doubles as a promotion offering fans a chance to win a prize pack.

In the following video Nokia challenges its fans ability to read words quickly, but displaying a long list of apps available for the Nokia X (we counted 81). They claim that they will show you one of the apps twice and its up to us to find the one they repeat.

Once you have found the app, head over to Twitter and tweet the name of the app with the #SpotTheX hashtag before Midnight GMT on April 11th. By April 18th, Nokia will select three winners and tweet the names over Nokia's global Twitter account. Each winner receives a Nokia X.

Nokia states that you must be 16 or older to enter the contest and you can learn more about it by following the source link below.

source  - Nokia
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