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Nokia X now on sale in India for 8599 IND ($140)

Nokia X
India is one of the first country to get the new Android powered Nokia X smartphone. The handset is being offered in India rather affordable price tag of INR 8,599 (~$140) which should hopefully help with successful sales. The Nokia X is currently in stock in six different color options: white, black, cyan, green, orange, and yellow. The Nokia X+ and the Nokia XL are listed as coming soon and we are told to expect the two devices in the coming months.

The Nokia X is an entry level smartphone, which a 4 inch touch display, 4GB of internal storage which can be expanded through microSD, a 3 megapixel rear camera, a 1500 mAh battery, optional dual-SIM capability, and a 1GHz Snapdragon dual-core processor with 512MB of RAM.

The Nokia X runs on top of a forked version of the Android Open Source Project. It's still Android at its core, but it has been significantly tweaked and changed, and the UI for one looks nothing like your vanilla Android. The Nokia X owners will have to download their Android apps through the Nokia Store and other third party app stores like Yandex. There wont be access to Google Play or any of the Google services on this device. Nokia hopes to use the Nokia X handsets to promote Microsoft services like Skype, Bing Outlook and OneDrive, which will eventually direct users toward their Lumia Windows Phones.

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