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[iOS app] Shazam updated (7.5.0) with improved social features and better audio recognition

Shazam for iOS has been updated to version 7.5.0 with several new features and improvements. Shazam for iOS now comes with a redesigned share page, which allows you to pair your Shazam and Facebook accounts in order to see what kind of songs your friends are discovering. This feed can be easily controlled from within Shazam.

You can download the app directly on your iOS device through the Apple App Store or by using the following link:

Price Free
Requirements iOS 6.0 or greater

Another improvement is the track page, which now shows the lyrics of the tagged song in real time. If there is an official YouTube video for the tune, it can be streamed in the track page, too. Once you've "shazamed" a song, it will also be a tad easier to find additional information about the performing artist, as the iOS version of Shazam now comes with more captivating biographies and discographies.

Shazam for iOS now allows you to add a tagged song directly to your Rdio playlists. Moreover, if you live in the UK, Germany, Mexico, or Brazil, you can also listen to the recognized tunes on Deezer.

Finally we have enhanced song recognition speed, which promises that the app may take Shazam just 1 second to discover a song. The improvements under the hood continue with the enhanced Auto Shazam feature, which uses less battery power.

The Shazam for Android app is expected to get these features "in a couple of weeks".
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