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HTC teases dual rear cameras on HTC One successor

HTCHTC tweeted out a photo collage of several dual themed pictures with the numbers 2, 5 and 3 superimposed on them. The photo also includes the message, "Life will get twice as beautiful on March 25th." The 253 clearly indicates the 25th of March, when HTC is expected to host an event centered around their upcoming flagship. The dual themed photo is likely an indication of one of the features which are expected to make its way to the successor of the HTC One - dual cameras

The HTC One sequel is expected to feature not one but two cameras on its rear, which should offer better depth of field, improved focussing and an overall enhancement in the quality of your photos.

Are you excited about the HTC One 2 ? Leave us a comment below and let us know what feature you are looking forward to the most

source - HTC ( Facebook | Twitter )
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