HTC HD2 receives Android ROM from Nokia X

HTC HD2The HTC HD2 continues to be one of the most resilient smartphones of all time. The handset which was first released way back in 2009 has now released the forked Android which runs on the Nokia X. The HTC HD2 was originally released with Windows Mobile Professional 6.5 and has received ports to Windows Phone 7, Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows RT and even Firefox OS.

Before you try and install the update on your device, its important to note that this ROM is far from complete. Outside of the boot graphics and sound, nothing else is working. Of course, we need to consider that the HTC HD2 is powered by a single-core 1GHz Snapdragon S1 with 448MB of RAM. Eventually, we expect to see the gang at XDA working hard to bring over more functions from the forked Android OS.

HTC HD2 running Nokia X platform

The HTC HD2 continues to live on, as best as you could hope for a phone that sports technology half a decade old. Like the cockroach, this is one handset that cannot be dismissed.

source - XDA | GSMArena

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