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Apple iPhone 5s discounted again on Virgin Mobile

Apple iPhone 5s
Virgin Mobile has once again discounted the price of its off-contract iPhones. The Apple iPhone 5s with 16GB will cost only $389.99 unsubsidized, compared to the previous low price of $460 set by Virgin Mobile. Meanwhile the 32GB iPhone 5s will cost $459.99 while the 64GB version will cost $524.99.

Meanwhile the Apple iPhone 5c has also been discounted by Virgin Mobile. The 16GB model can be purchased for $314.99, while the 32GB 5c is available for the same price as a 16GB 5s, $384.99.

Do these low prices of Virgin Mobile's iPhones and their monthly rates make you consider switching? Or is Sprint's network still too spotty in your area? Let me know what you think in the comments.

source - Virgin Mobile
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