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Apple discontinues iPad 2 and replaces it with the iPad 4

Apple iPad 4Apple iPad 2

The Apple iPad 2 has been discontinued on the company's official website starting today, and has been replaced with the Apple iPad 4 which comes with a Retina display. The iPad 2 was previously sold at $399, as a cheaper alternative to the Apple iPad Air. Now its place and price has been borrowed by the 16GB iPad 4.

Apple doesn't seem to have plans to offer the iPad 4 in other storage variants (other than 16GB), but do have the cellular model for $529. The iPad 4 has a 9.7 inch display with a 1536 by 2048 pixel resolution, a two cameras and an Apple A6X processor.

The second-generation iPad seemed like a strange low-cost alternative to the iPad Air from the onset, as it was a few generations older - after all, Apple released the iPad 2 way back in 2011. So it’s only logical to finally see such an old product retired.

The iPad 4 was not the first iPad to feature a Retina display, the Apple iPad 3 which had a short lifespan after the iPad 2 was the first to introduce the high resolution display to the iPad but was since replaced by the iPad 4 which offered a new A6 chip, which is roughly twice as fast as the iPad 3's A5X chipset, better front-facing camera, and support for dual-band channel bonding Wi-Fi, which can increase connection speeds at home. It also adds extended 4G LTE support for international regions.

The iPad 4 also comes with the one  other important technological benefit - the new Lightning to USB cable. This leaves the Apple iPhone 4s as the only device in Apple's lineup to still have the legacy 30 pin Apple connector.

If you have been holding off from purchasing the iPad 2, you can purchase the iPad 4 right now using the following link or through the source link

source - Apple Store | The Verge

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