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[Android app] Google Search update lets you access your camera with voice

The Google Search app has received a small but significant update today, which allows us to use our voice to pull up the phone's camera. All you have to do is tell Google to “take a picture” or “record a video,” and your phone’s camera will fire up in the mode you mentioned, all ready for you to start capturing some memories.

Fortunately this is a server side update, which means you will not have to update your app in order to see it work. Just give it a few hours and it should work on your device, as long as you are running  or higher.

Obviously having to use your voice is still not as convenient as having a hardware shutter button, which can not only launch your camera app but also help you while you taking your shots. But it is still a great novelty to have on your device. If you find a situation where this voice control is more convenient than just tapping an app icon you will appreciate having this feature on board.

"take a picture" command launches Camera

"record a video" command launches Camera

In case you dont have the latest version of Google Search for Android, you can download it through the Google Play Store on your device or by using the following link

RequirementsVaries with device

source - Google | Android Central
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