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AdDuplex will give away three Windows Phones every month

Win a Windows Phone through AdDuplex

AdDuplex, the advertising platform for Windows and Windows Phone is running a year-long promotion where they are giving away three Windows Phones to developers every month.

For each month, three lucky developers will get their hands on a brand new Windows Phone. The first two competitions will run in parallel, where developers have to publish a Windows Phone or Windows Store app, which utilises the AdDuplex network. The second monthly competition will feature different challenges ranging from sending a specific photo to writing a short paragraph to a number of other ideas.

For the first month, you have the option to win one Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X as part of March Challenge#1: In order to participate, you only have to publish your Windows Phone or Windows app, which is part of AdDuplex cross promotion network.

March Challenge#2 gives you an opportunity to win a Nokia Lumia 1520. In order to win the "special challenge", you have to share your testimonials, thoughts, opinions, suggestions and/or recommendations of AdDuplex as a service.

If by chance you do not want the device, the winner will have the option to accept a $1,000 ad credit on their AdDuplex account. Whichever way you go, be prepared to work out some identification details, export eligibility for the government people in Lithuania, where AdDuplex is based.

You can learn more about the contest by heading over to the source link below. Also be sure to let us know if you win one of these devices from AdDuplex.

source - AdDuplex | WMPowerUser
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