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Nokia X Series phones wont be available in US, Canada, Korea or Japan

Nokia's Jussi Nevanlinna talks about the Nokia X Series

In an interview with Nokia Conversations, Jussi Nevanlinna VP for Mobile Phone marketing for Nokia, confirmed that the newly launched Nokia X series of handsets won't be available in North America (the US and Canada), Korea or Japan.

When asked who the target audience for the Nokia X family was Jussi Nevanlinna responded that despite being global products, the Nokia X Family would not be headed to North America, Korea and Japan. Instead they will focus on growth markets like India, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, South America, Brazil, and Mexico. He said that these regions are seeing a big shift from feature phones to smartphones .

He also went on to say that the Nokia X customers are young, social, very aspirational and are fans of Nokia. He also said that these individual love the quantity and choice that the Android ecosystem has to offer.  He said that Nokia will be offering their fans in these regions the best of three worlds: Nokia design and build quality; Microsoft cloud services; and Android apps.

You can read the interview in its entirety by following the source link below.

source - Nokia
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