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Nokia X Series members available for pre-order in Spain

The and the , members of Nokia's Android powered X Family series are now available for pre-order in Spain. These new devices run a forked version of Android which promote Nokia and Microsoft services instead of those from Google.

The listing for the two handsets are on Amazon.eswith a pre-sale price guarantee of €119 (including VAT) for the X+ and €129 for the Nokia XL. There is no guaranteed delivery date, but it cannot be that far off if Amazon is taking pre-orders (fulfilled by Amazon directly). Color options are limited. The Nokia X+ can be ordered in green or black, while the XL is green only.

The Nokia X family are entry level devices, offering value over high end specs, the price point (SIM free) along with the reliable dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, 768MB of RAM, 4GB of expandable storage and expected Nokia build quality, the new Nokia “X” line appears to be a winner.

The new line of Nokias are meant for what were called “growth” markets. On the order page, it simply says this device can be shipped to Spain and other “selected countries.” What those countries are we are not sure, though we suspect if you are in the US, you might not be on the list of “selected countries.”

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