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Nokia X may have two more Android powered siblings

It looks like the Nokia X won't be the only Android powered handset from the manufacturer. The still unannounced, rumored Nokia X is expected to come with entry level specs which include a 4 inch 480 x 800 resolution screen, a 1GHz dual-core processor, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of native storage. Now new reports suggest that Nokia is working on two more Android handsets.

These reports suggest that Nokia is also working on a Nokia XX and a Nokia XXX, which we will refer to as Nokia X2 and Nokia X3 for understandable reasons. The names are expected to be internal names anyway, so we don't expect to see them marketed that way.

The Nokia X2 is expected to offer mid-range specs, while the Nokia X3 is expected to be a high-end device. There is no news on what hardware these handsets will offer, but the X2 is expected to be available in the market as early as May followed by the X3 a month later.

Now the Android version running on Nokia's devices is expected to be a forked version of Android which is designed to look like Windows Phone and promote Microsoft's services instead of Google's. If Microsoft is behind the Android powered Nokia smartphones, it makes sense that both companies are making plans for the future if the Nokia X turns out to be a success.

While we do have our hopes set on seeing the Nokia X at MWC, the X2 and X3 are not expected to make an appearance. Still if Nokia does unveil the Nokia X at MWC, we should likely get an idea of what Nokia has planned with Android in the months and years ahead.

source - | GforGames | Android Community
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