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Microsoft offering free Nokia wireless charging plate with Lumia Icon purchase

Nokia Lumia Icon with free charging plate

Are you planning on purchasing a new Nokia Lumia Icon on Verizon? Microsoft is offering a deal to lure customers to purchase the new Nokia flagship smartphone from them (either in-store or online) instead of heading to Verizon.

From now through March 16, customers who purchase a Lumia Icon with a two-year contract from the Microsoft Store will receive a free Nokia wireless charging plate. This accessory can cost between $30 to $50 (depending on where you buy it) and its worth having, considering the Lumia Icon has wireless charging built in.

Wireless charging is convenient, and it saves wear and tear on placing and pulling the USB plug on the device. Wireless is charging is available on several high end Lumia devices and even some newer Android handsets, so its worth having this charger around in any case.

source - Microsoft
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