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Huawei teases MWC devices, pokes fun at Apple and Samsung

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It looks like Huawei is making some big plans for the upcoming MWC in Barcelona. The company has released a teaser video for the upcoming trade show and it looks like it is planning to showcase at least two tablets and one smartphone.

Interesting Huawei has decided to use the video to poke fun at two of the world's biggest phone makers in order to make a statement.

What we found most amusing in the video is the way Huawei chose to refer to Apple and Samsung

As you may know Apple generally doesn't make an appearance at such events, and Samsung has been holding its own parallel conferences over the past years in hopes of outshining in competitors. Maybe that's why Huawei felt someone needed to cut the two giants down to size Whatever their motivation, we'll see if they've got the goods to "amaze the world again"on February 23rd in Barcelona.

source - Android Police
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