Google Chrome updated (30.0) with image search for desktop and new gestures for Android

The Google Chrome web browser has been updated to version 30.0 for Windows, Mac and Android. The update brings several new features and improvements including a search by image function for desktop users and new gestures for Android Chrome users.

You can allow the update to be installed automatically in the background through the browser's built in silent updater or manually check for it by heading to 'About Google Chrome' on your menu or Android users can download the update directly on your devices through the Google Play Store or through the following links

Download Now Download Now
Windows, Mac or Linux Android

The desktop version of Chrome brings a new search by image feature which allows you to right click on an image in your browser and select "Search Google for this image".

Chrome for Android has three new gestures with this update. They include swiping horizontally across the top toolbar to switch tabs, dragging down from the toolbar to access the tab switching UI, as well as dragging down from the menu to open it and make a selection without lifting a finger.

If you still have not received the update, give it a day or two for it to reach your device.


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