Windows Phone 8.1 features revealed in leaks

With the Windows Phone 8.1 release drawing closer, various leaks have also started making their way into public domains such as forums and blogs. Interestingly the Windows Phone 8.1 (Blue) leaks have been a little different, with most leaks originating from a single source.

Generally this would mean that there is no way to validate any of these features, so there is no absolute guarantee that these features would be available on Windows Phone 8.1 once it is released.

Among the new features is a new Notification Center with interactive notifications similarly to Android. That means you can respond to a Facebook message or a text message without having to open the relevant apps directly from the notification center. Additionally the Notification Center will feature 'ghost notifications' which wont pop-up in real time and bother you. However you will be able to access them from your Notification Center.

The reports also suggest that Nokia's Pro Cam will be the default camera application. Even though Nokia has been purchased by Microsoft, we find it hard to believe that all of Nokia's innovation will be freely offered to Windows Phone OEMs. Another major feature than has made the leaks is the Cortona digital assistant, which will be Microsoft's response to Siri and Google Now.

Incoming notification in Notifications CenterNotifications CenterNotification pop-up is actionableInfo + Extras menu... without the Extras. Notice that accessories will have a dedicated corner in WP 8.1App listing similar to Windows 8.1Require password option in Kid's Corner
This image is trying to show what swiping up/down and left/right will do in WP 8.1. Swiping to the left ( Don't Peek*), for example, transitions to a 'Me, quick share, settings personalize', according to the leak

The physical keys on your Windows device will also have some enhanced features with Windows 8.1 according to the report.
  • Long press the Start button: brings up Cortana. 
  • Double press the Start button: “What is going on area?!”
  • Double press the Back button: ends current app
Strangely the search button doesn't seem to have much of a function other than to access Bing. Additionally the report does not detail what the function of the "What is going on area" will be. We think the whats going on will feel more at home integrated into Bing and the Search button rather than as a second function for the Start button.

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