Motorola Xoom for Verizon receives new software update

The is receiving a new software update which brings the JZO54M software version and Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Since the Xoom is not eligible for , this is the last version of Android this device will receive.

You will receive a notification when the update is available for your device, at which point you can initiate the OTA update by clicking Install Now. Make sure you are connected to your Wi-Fi connection and that you have your battery charged before installing the update.

Once you have installed the update your device will reboot and you will be returned to your Home screen.
If you missed the notification, the update message will appear periodically until you install the update. You can also manually initiate the update by heading to Settings > About Tablet > System updates. Select ‘Install Now’ and the update will be initiated.

With the update Verizon Xoom owners will get access to Google Now, which offers up-to-date notifications based on your information and location, Improved voice search, an adaptive keyboard that improves over time to help predict the user's next word, revised settings menu, added a search option to the YouTube app, the "Accounts & Sync" is now located in the accounts group, and enhancements to the modem to improve data connectivity.

You can learn more about the  update for your Motorola Xoom by following the source link below.


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