Samsung Galaxy S4 for AT&T and Verizon receive software update with Knox

The Samsung Galaxy S4 for AT&T and Verizon are now receiving the software update which started rolling out to Sprint users yesterday. The update is expected to bring features like the ability to save your apps to your device SD card, Samsung's KNOX security suite, a Smart Pause toggle in the notifications panel, a new setting to tweak text legibility, a briefing app, and an SPDclient app.

AT&T users are receiving the update over the air (OTA) and the update is reportedly the same size as the Sprint update. However it seems that KNOX is not included for AT&T users even though they have all the other features.

Meanwhile KNOX is available for the Verizon variant of the device but the update can only be downloaded through the Samsung Kies suite. Additionally Verizon users are receiving the full system image instead of an incremental update which has resulted in a somewhat large 1.8GB download. The Verizon variant of the Galaxy S4 seems to have Knox included along with all the other features.

The likely explanation is that the AT&T variant of the Galaxy S4 is extremely similar to the International model which received the update last month but didn't include KNOX in its release. However we think Samsung will be quick to rectify this, since customers have been unhappy with the exclusion of KNOX and the inability to use their Galaxy S4 units in their companies. 

Do you own a Galaxy S4 on Sprint, AT&T or Verizon? Have you received the update yet?

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