Nokia Lumia 521 coming to MetroPCS on Friday for $99

The Nokia Lumia 521 is now available on MetroPCS and costs $99 off contract. Considering T-Mobile is in the process of migrating MetroPCS customers over to their own phones and services, it is really no surprise to see a MetroPCS variant of a phone that has been clearly associated with T-Mobile.

The price is $50 lower than it retails on T-Mobile, giving potential customers yet another reason to choose the popular Lumia 521 as their new smartphone.

The Lumia 521 has been hugely successful for T-Mobile having sold out and HSN, Walmart and T-Mobile. While $150 was already a very reasonable price for this handset, it was further discounted to $99.95 on HSN to further boost its sales.

Now for $99 you get an entry level Windows Phone 8 device which features a 4.0 inch touch display, 8GB of internal storage which can be expanded through microSD, a 5 megapixel camera capable of 720p HD video capture and is powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor with 512MB of RAM.

Yesterday we saw the Nokia Lumia 520 make an early entry on AT&T making it clear that AT&T wanted to beat its competitor to the market with their own version of the Lumia 521 at a reduced price.

You can grab one for yourself by following the source link below.

source - MetroPCS

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