Google Play web store updated with new design

A few months ago the Google Play Store app for Android was updated with a new user interface. Now the web based version of the store has also received a similar visual update with card based interface which is spreading across the Android ecosystem.

The various sections of the store appear on the left, just as they did before. However when you dive into these sections, you will see the content now presented in its own card with a large preview image similar to the Android Play Store.

The product pages have also gone through some transformation with details of a product on a single page which includes larger screenshots. Google has also used the web.p image format for all the images which promises to be more efficient than PNG images.

Moving your mouse to the far left corner will reveal the menu which will take you into the various other sections of the store which have to color coordinated with their Android store and app counterparts.

The overall navigation within the store seems smooth and fast and you can still send any apps you discover directly to your devices. Google has even made it easier to access your own content from the left menu. Try the store out foryouselves and share your thoughts on the new design below.

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