[Android app] Facebook 3.5 beta available through beta program

Facebook for Android has been updated to version 3.5 for users who have signed up for the social networks Android beta program. The release marks the removal of arguably one of the most annoying parts of the app - The legacy menu button. The update also offers other new features and improvements which you can review after the break.

If you have already signed up for the beta, you will automatically receive theupdated version of the application. If you have not signed up for the beta and want to partake in it,
  1. Join the Facebook for Android Beta Testers Google group:http://bit.ly/FBAndroidbeta
  2. Tap Become a Tester in the Google Play Store and download the latest version of Facebook: http://bit.ly/121po70
Once you have completed these steps you can download the latest (beta) version of Facebook from the Play Store to your device.

Facebook for Android version 3.5 has the following new features and improvements:
  • Save photos: We added an option to save photos to your phone from the photo viewer
  • Menu bar: We've removed the on-screen menu bar from the bottom of the app for people whose phones don't have a hardware menu button
  • Notification scrolling: When you scroll to the end of your recent notifications, older notifications will load automatically
  • Photos loading in News Feed: We think we've addressed a problem that's causing some people to see blank spaces where there should be photos
  • Bug fixes: We fixed some known issues that were causing the app to crash
By installing the latest version of Facebook beta, you will also receive the following improvements to Facebook Home.
  • Your phone's status bar now shows at the top of the lock screen by default

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