Bing Food & Drink debuts with Windows 8.1

Microsoft demonstrated Bing Food & Drink on Windows 8.1 during the BUILD keynote and you can try it out yourself if you download the Windows 8.1 Preview. This Modern app has been built with the amature chef in mind and allows you to store your recipes, manage your shopping list, organize your meal plans and more.

Once you have decided on the meal you want to prepare, the app will automatically populate your shopping list with all the ingredients you need for the dish. You have cooking tops and trips available through the apps and you are even given help with selecting the perfect wine for your new meal. Additionally you can see what the world's top chefs have planned.

However the most impressive feature on Bing Food & Drink is the hands-free mode which allows you to swipe through the pages of your recipe without having to touch your screen. Something those who take their tablets to the kitchen will really appreciate. This feature has to be activated in advance by pressing a button on the app, which will then use the device camera to track your hand movements.

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