Toshiba is expected to be the first to release an NVidia Tegra 4 device, other hesitant to follow

NVidia LogoWith Qualcomm having secured a strong position in the ARM processor market and big manufacturers like Samsung building their own chips, NVIdia has been finding a hard time finding support for their Tegra 4 chip. However Toshiba is looking to be one manufacturer who plans to embrace the chip on its tablets.

The NVidia Tegra 4 chip was first unveiled at the CES 2013 and faces hard time ahead despite offering several improvements over its predecessor. Even companies like Asus and Acer who have previously used Tegra 3 on their tablets, don’t seem to be considering Tegra 4 as an option for their future tablets. The situation seems worse in the smartphone market which is dominated by Qualcomm.

NVidia is even reportedly considering reducing their price on the Tegra 3 platform further in hopes of making it a more viable option for affordable entry-level solutions.

Will the support from Toshiba give other manufacturers a push toward using the Tegra 4 processor on their own devices? Or will NVidia have to look at other options to get their Tegra platform to more devices?


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