Here is how you can get your own Google Glass prototype

Google LogoGoogle is offering individuals an opportunity to get their hands on a pre-production edition of Google Glass. Last year Google gave developers who attended the Google I/O the opportunity to get Google Glass, but now they are extending the offer to just about any creative individual to explain why you would be an ideal candidate to try out their innovative new device.

All you have to do is to head over to the official Google Glass Twitter or Google+ page and explain why you should own Google Glass in 50 words or less. You can also include a short video (15 seconds) or up to 5 pictures which will give Google a chance to check out your creativity. Keep in mind that the opportunity is only opened to those over 18 and based in the United States.

The deadline for the applications are set for February 27th. If you are selected you will be given the title of Glass Explorer and be instructed to pre-order the prototype for $1500 and pick it up at a special event at New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles. The steep price tag and requirements don’t make it easy to get one of these devices even if you are selected, so its clear the company wants only committed (and rich) individuals to apply for this offer.

Instructions on how to be eligible for Google Glass

It seems like Google is expecting a heavy turn out from potential testers, in fact they have released a new video demonstrating some of the great features of using Google Glass.

What do you think? Would you be trying out for a Google Glass prototype? If so head over to the source link and don’t forget to use the  #ifihadglass hashtag in your entry.

sourceGoogle | Google

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