Vizio unveils a 10 inch tablet with stock Android and a Tegra 4 processor

Vizio LogoVizio is best known for its TV sets, but it has expanded its boundaries by unveiling a 10 inch Vizio tablet  which is running the recently announced Tegra 4 processor. The tablet features a 10 inch display with a 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution which is similar to what’s available on the Google Nexus 10. The device also has 32GB of internal storage and the usual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (4.0) connectivity options. Another impressive feature about this tablet is its weight, as it claims to be lighter than similar products in its class.

Additionally the device will be running stock  without any custom skins. This would mean that updates would ideally not be delayed and should arrive almost as quickly as they are made available for Nexus devices.

It also looks like Vizio has done a good job in terms of design with rounded edges and a soft touch back in its relatively thin body. Overall it has a very appealing look combined with ultra portability.

The device definitely seems to fit Vizio’s new goal to “make all the screens in your life”. I guess the next logical step would be to release a smartphone.

source - The Verge

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